Canadian Made

PerfectSmile Clear Aligners are always designed and manufactured in Canada by Shaw Lab Group. We are a Canadian company founded in 1944 that is dedicated to restoring the joy of eating and smiling!

  • Made in Canada
  • Planned by professionals
  • Competitively priced
  • Highest quality materials used
  • Work with your dentist or local provider


VS. Traditional Braces

The benefits of using PerfectSmile Clear Aligners make it the perfect choice for correcting misaligned teeth. Why struggle with metal brackets, unsightly wires, and countless visits to your dentist? There is now a clear alternative that is designed and manufactured in Canada.

  • Clear Alternative to braces
  •  Treats a wide variety of ortho cases
  •  Can be removed at any time
  •  Eat any kind of food
  •  Better cleaning and plaque control
  •  overall periodontal health
  •  Less risk of enamel decalcification
  •  Less appointments
  •  Extremely comfortable
  •  Doesn’t irritate your gums or lips

How does it work?

Using state-of-the-art technology, PerfectSmile creates a series of clear aligners that painlessly move your teeth to their ideal position. Each aligner is custom made to fit your teeth perfectly and comfortably. The best part – no one can tell you’re straightening your teeth! They’re clear and almost invisible from a distance. Simply wear each aligner for the prescribed 2 weeks, and then switch to your next tray in the provided kit. It’s that simple. Schedule a consultation with your dentist and see if PerfectSmile aligners are right for you. Get started today and love your smile.

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